Author: Donald Evans

Distinct Recommendations And Advice When Thinking Of Selling a House

Sensible Suggestions When Thinking Of Selling a House Plenty of people have been investing in the real estate market so if you are likely to sell your house, you should do it now. The only dilemma here is that selling a property is extremely challenging. You might have seen articles stating that selling a property […]

The Sound Reasoning Behind Why Millennials Should Stop Buying Houses So Young

More and more millennials are buying homes way before they should be. Sorry to break the news, millennials, but you simply aren’t where you’re going to be for the rest of your life when you’re 25. Yes, owning a home provides stability. But you shouldn’t be trying to set roots down at 25. You should […]

Selling Your Own Home Can Be Hard, But It Definitely Can Be Done! Read On To Find Out How To Sell Your House Solo

So many buyers don’t want to use a realtor because they know they’re going to have to pay commission. This makes sense, because commissions are really expensive. Sometimes up to 8% of the total price of the home. But, selling your home by yourself should scare you too. However, if you really want to, there are […]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Not Have to Pay a Commission: Here’s The Verdict On Whether Or Not It’s Worth It To Sell Your House By Yourself

Is it necessary to have a real estate agent? Many sellers wonder this. Do you think you can sell their home on your own? So do many other sellers. Just know that there are advantages and disadvantages either way. Obviously the major advantage to selling your home on your own is that you don’t have […]

If You’re About to Face Foreclosure, Be Sure To Not Make The Mistakes That Most People Do In This Situation

Nobody dreams of going through foreclosure when they purchase their home. Who wants to have the bank take away their house? No one. Foreclosure is a process that is really tough on someone emotionally, especially if they have a family to provide for and take care of. Unfortunately, many homeowners think that the bank isn’t on […]