Selling Your Own Home Can Be Hard, But It Definitely Can Be Done! Read On To Find Out How To Sell Your House Solo

So many buyers don’t want to use a realtor because they know they’re going to have to pay commission. This makes sense, because commissions are really expensive. Sometimes up to 8% of the total price of the home. But, selling your home by yourself should scare you too. However, if you really want to, there are ways that you can be successful and end up selling it solo. See: 8 Reasons Not to Sell Your Home Without an Agent – Investopedia.

You’ll want to use an online MLS (multiple listing service). In order to use this, you’re going to have to pay a fee. However, it’s still cheaper than hiring a real estate agent. Before you list it, you’ll need to do some work sprucing up your house. You can’t list photos on the MLS unless your house looks perfect (or as perfect as it can). Read: 8 Easy Home Selling Tips.

You’ll also need to get an appraisal done on your house. If you don’t want to (bad idea to forego one), you can do research online to figure out how much your home is worth. Compare your house with others in the area. How does it measure up in terms of rooms, features, and size? Your location is going to make a difference
too. When you price it, price it in such a way that it leaves room for buyers to negotiate.

Since buyers start their house hunt online, again, you’re going to need excellent photos. Of all rooms, and all spaces; even the closets. Get a good, high-quality camera, or hire a professional to come take photos. This can be expensive; but remember, you aren’t paying a realtor commission. You’re saving a lot of money selling on your own, so it would be wise to spend the few hundred bucks to get some great photos.

Include all of the details regarding your home in the listing. Don’t leave anything out! Write down everything that a buyer would find attractive about your house. For example, are there walk-in closets? A jacuzzi bath tub? All of these details are important to buyers, and you don’t want to forget to write anything in there that would have wanted to make them come see it!

You’ll probably be working with the buyer when it comes to showing the house. If the buyer has a realtor, you’ll probably need to leave when they come to see the house. It can make buyers uncomfortable when they’re trying to view a house and the seller is there. However, do let them know that you’re happy to answer any questions. Selling a house is hard. That is why there are realtors. But, if you put the right amount of time and effort in, it’s very likely that you’ll be successful! For more reading, see:11 Tips for Selling Your Home On Your Own

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  1. A good tip for selling your home by yourself is..don’t. Its too much of a headache, and you’ll end up getting less for it than you would have with a realtor. The money you would have paid them will be what you lost doing it by yourself…except you will have wasted months of stress. Hire a realtor.

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